Want to Build a Thriving Photography Business From Zero to Six Figures?

Learn the Exact Methods That You Can Use to Add AT LEAST $500-$1000 In Income To Your Photography Business Each Month!

You Don’t Need to Be a Technical Genius to Build a Lucrative Photography Business… Let Me Show You How!

Have you put in the time and effort to start your dream photography business, only to find that running it is actually a nightmare?


Are you passionate about photography, and want to make a meaningful living at it, but have ZERO clue where to start?

Ask any professional photographer how to get started, and they’ll probably tell you…

“Just work your ass off for a few years, find a few steady clients, and then work your ass off some more!”

I’m not going to tell you that they’re wrong. Starting, owning, and operating a photography business DOES take time and it DOES take effort, but…

It doesn’t take a degree in marketing, years of technical experience, or Ansel Adams-esque creative talent!

It just takes the right strategy, and the will to carry that strategy out.

How do I know?

Because I had to uncover that winning strategy piece by piece, year by year, and dollar by dollar. In other words, I’ve been where you are, and I learned (the hard way) how to take a photo business from $0 in revenue, to over six figures in revenue per year.

Here’s How I Learned the ‘Secret Strategies’ That Most Successful

Photographers Use to Start, Grow, and Profit Off of Their Businesses…

When I arrived in New York, I can honestly say that I had ABSOLUTELY NO experience with running a photo business. But I did have the passion and dedication…

As soon as I arrived, before I even found a place to live, I went out to find my first photo job as an assistant for an influential New York photographer.

At the time, jobs were easy to come by. It was almost TOO EASY to find quality clients. And then…

9/11 shocked the city, the country, and the world.

Suddenly… jobs for professional photographers were almost non-existent. To make ends meet, I drove a truck by day, and tried to develop a client list by night.

After years of trial and error, I found the winning formula for success in my photography business…

Now I want to share that formula with you!


Quick Start to Photo Cash!

A No-Frills 10 Module Course That Will Teach You Everything That You Need to Know to Start Making Money With Your Photography Business, Now!

When I designed Quick Start to Photo Cash, I had one thing in mind…

“If I had to start over again with no technical knowledge or business experience,
how would I build a profitable photo business as quickly as possible?”

This is my exact step-by-step answer to that simple question!

When you sign up for Quick Start to Photo Cash, you’ll learn how to…

  • Start building a profitable network from scratch. HINT: You shouldn’t wait until you need clients to start building a network of potentially valuable prospects! (Module 1)

  • Set up the nitty-gritty day-to-day back end business foundation that will make it possible for you to manage your earnings well, and protect yourself against financial or legal setbacks. (Module 2)

  • Find your passion in photography, and build your business around that specific niche. More importantly, you’ll learn how to turn TRUE passion into REAL profit, fast! (Module 3)

  • Build your skills, portfolio, and experience in your specific niche, so that you can consistently produce work that your clients will love, even if you’re short on experience and technical expertise. (Module 4)

  • Create a profile for your ideal client, so that you can develop your business around that client’s needs and wants. (Module 5)

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of other photographers in your niche, so that you copy what works, and improve upon what doesn’t. (Module 6)

  • Create promotional material that will help you win more clients, and make more money, without wasting time. (Module 7)

  • Identify, target, and leverage the people in your network who can help you secure the MOST BUSINESS profit in the least amount of time possible. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one! (Module 8)

  • Systemize your photo business to make more money off of every client by creating a strategic sales system that saves you time, and makes your clients BEG you for more photos. (Module 9)

  • Build profitable business habits that make you more efficient with your time, and less prone to business setbacks. (Module 10)

  • And more!

You’ll also get 2- 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with your purchase.

Now that I’ve told you everything that you WILL get with this course, let me tell you what you WON’T get.

With Quick Start to Photo Cash, you won’t get hours upon hours of useless “filler” that won’t provide any value to your business.


Perfectly shot video or fancy graphics that make the course look pretty, but just add to the price tag.

Unlike most of the photo business courses out there who will charge you an extra $500 to $1000 just to have pretty videos with ZERO added value, I’ve designed this course to give you the exact steps and theories that you can use to immediately add $500 to $2,000 per month to your photo revenue, and I’ve made it as affordable up-front as possible.

Why? Because I asked myself…

“When I was just getting started, could I have afforded to pay $2,000 for this course?’

My answer? HELL NO! NOT A CHANCE! I certainly would have wanted to learn the information, but there are always important bills to pay like… you know… rent!

When my clients follow my proven steps, they get incredible results…

“In just a few months of working with Christian, I’ve seen tremendous changes in my business. I am now targeting (and working with) clients that I want to shoot for, instead of passively shooting for clients who approach me. He has helped me step back and see a wider, longer term view of my business and I cannot imagine moving forward without his help. I wish I’d met him years ago!” – Liz Clayman

“After strugglin for years to figure out how to grow my photography business I took the Click Cartel course. Christians’s unique lessons on business practices and client management have helped me make more money with happier clientele, as well as attract new customers on a regular basis. I couldn’t be happier with his course. And (and!) the lessons are fun! The guy is charismatic as f***!” – Noah Fowler

You Can Learn the Exact Steps and Theories That You Need to
Add $500 to $2000 in Monthly Revenue for just $497!

Click On the Button Below to Claim
Full Access to Quick Start to Photo Cash, Now!

Now, I understand that, for many, $497 is still a lot to fork out for a program that you haven’t even tried yet.

That’s why I’m allowing you to sign up 100% Risk FREE!

If you sign up for Quick Start to Photo Cash, and don’t see a measurable boost to your photography business within 30 days, I’ll give you…

100% of Your Money Back…

No Questions Asked!

What are you waiting for?

If you want to immediately take your photography business from poor to profitable, click on the button below to claim RISK FREE access, now!

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