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11 More Places to Make Money Online with Photography

There are so many ways to make money with photography, and some of them don’t even involve leaving the house (except maybe to take the photos). And since you guys loved our first article 11 Places to Make Money Online with Photography so much, we thought we’d get out there and find you some more.

10 MORE Reasons Photography is the Best Job You’ll Ever Have

Ten reasons just weren’t enough to encapsulate all the many reasons being a photographer rocks. So I kept right on listing so you could stay informed about all the things that make it great. And in case you missed the first installment with the first 10 reasons, you can check it out here. Alright, let’s jump right in where we left off…

5 Lies That Are Keeping You From Becoming a Professional Photographer

Have you ever wondered why it is that some photographers become hugely successful while others only dream about it? Maybe people have even told you that your work is just as good as Joe at So-and-So Studio. You may even know that you have the talent and the passion to be a really great photographer…

One Top Secret Method to Explode Your Photography Network & Pimp Your Portfolio: Part 2

So, we meet again! If you are here after reading part 1 of this post, congrats! You’re a quality human being who wants to make a difference in this world! Just to recap: volunteering can massively expand your photography network, increase your exposure, build your portfolio, help you get clients, and give you warm fuzzies in the process.

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