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FREE 6-Day Intro Course

How much money can you make from photography? Is it right for everyone? What if you're new? What if you have a full-time job, or a family? Can you work from home? What about marketing?

The free 6-day intro course has the answers to all these questions and more.


The Click Cartel is where photographers go to learn the how to get more clients, increase their profit from each client, and run a successful six-figure business.

My 20 years of professional photography experience is just one piece of the curriculum. You’ll also learn from countless other successful photographers that I interview for the podcast.


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Leverage your network to get the most clients with the least amount of effort

Use social media to make money (not just eat up time or get an ego boost)

Stay top of mind with people who matter (the ones who send money to your bank account)

Dominate your local market with a style of photography that you love and that gets you paid

Create a super-easy system of managing your cash flow so you are coming from a place of abundance

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Margarita Corporan

“From our first consultation, I have encountered immediate rewards for my business! Christian’s personality and 20+ years of expertise has got me hooked!”
Client List: Samsung, Bentley, Rolling Stone, SAG-AFTRA, Amazon, Citi-Mastercard

Ted Ely

“Christian and the Click Cartel was the exact push my business needed. His referral system alone has substantially increased my shoot volume and revenue. I would not be where I am today had I not taken Christian’s guidance and applied it.”
Clients List : The Growing Studio, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The University of Michigan, Boston College, LinkedIn, and countless actors in Broadway shows including Hamilton, Wicked, Kinky Boots.

Kelli Bramble

“I had been looking for ways to push my business to the next level, and Christian has been invaluable to me. Working with him has led to me getting more clients, playing on my style and strengths, and building my confidence in turning my studio into a six-figure business!”
Client List: Salt Lake Magazine, Catersource, Salt Lake Bride and Groom, Coding Edge Magazine (covers), Salt Lake Tribune, Ballet West, Girl Scouts of America, Teva, New Balance

Noah Fowler

"After struggling for years to figure out how to grow my photography business I took the Click Cartel course. Christian’s unique lessons on business practices and client management have helped me make more money with happier clientele, as well as attract new customers on a regular basis. I couldn’t be happier with his course. And (and!) the lessons are fun! The guy is charismatic as f*** !"
Client List: Nike, Subway, Exxon-Mobile, United Health Care, Cheerios, Gawker Media, The Village Voice, and TimeOut New York.
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I run a six-figure business doing only 20 shoots a year. But making money for myself is not the only reason to listen to me. What really counts are the friends I’ve helped along the way.

By sharing certain principles and techniques, I have taught others to do the same thing — with great results.

Now I’m sharing what I have learned with the world. This site is for anyone with a passion for photography who wants to take it to the next level. Whether that means upgrading your business or charging your first customer, I want to teach you how to make the most money with the least effort!


  1. Marisa Lenci says:

    Hello! I saw your opening for a content writer for your blog on and I’m very interested. I would excel at taking your drafts and turning them into publishable pieces of magic for you! There wasn’t a way to contact you from the position post on so I hope I can reach you here. I’ve held corporate positions all of my career until 3 years ago when I opened my own print shop in Bethlehem, PA. I have a partner of 19 years who used to love reading my papers for my Master’s degree – not that she biased or anything, but she said they could make her cry and has begged me for all of our 19 years together to “be a writer”. My friends told me I should be a writer when my momma was dying from breast cancer and I used to write updates about her condition. One friend told me I’d touched her heart in a way she’d never felt before. OK, not that you need that kind of writing but I can write effectively, concisely (when needed) and wordsmith anything to sound wonderful. I love the idea of taking your drafts and polishing them up for you to publish.

    Here is an example of a blog post for my own website ( and you can poke around for other examples). The gorgeous Master-degree writing I was telling you about is locked down on an old and now-dead Lenova laptop but I will get my IT guy to bring the hard drive to life if you want to read that work. My rate is typically $50/hour and that can be negotiated.

    Hope to hear from you!

  2. Ethan Nixon says:

    Hello Christian. I have been thoroughly enjoying your training videos. 🙂 But today I can’t access them. I get a “video file not found” message when I try to play any of the training sessions. Please help! I’m super excited about the rest of the course! Cheers! Ethan Nixon

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Free 6-Day Intro Course

How much money can you make from photography? Is it right for everyone? What if you're new? What if you have a full-time job, or a family? Can you work from home? What about marketing?

The free 6-day intro course has the answers to all these questions and more.
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